We enjoy our pets, but they can have accidents on the carpet. Pet stains may be among the most severe kinds of stains to have. These particular stains must be handled appropriately or they could become worse and continue to smell. Pet Feces does not just smell, it can contain all sorts of microorganisms, such as E. coli.

Pet urine smells due to the fact that bacteria feeds on the moisture. The ammonia odor originates from decaying urine, urine salts as well as the bacteria. The bacteria will continuously increase provided that there’s moisture or a food source. The odor could also contaminate your furniture and clothing, and it’s also unsafe for your respiratory system.

Hope does exist for even the dirtiest carpet! Call Pro Teams pet odor and stain removal experts today. Our technicians are equipped with the very best anti-bacterial solutions available. Our anti bacterial products are proven to quickly eliminate odor causing bacterias, not just cover up the smell with a deodorizer. Our ultra powerful truck mounted cleaning systems in combination with our anti Bacterial Solutions will eliminate your pet stains and odor problems once and for all.

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