Exactly what does a dryer vent do?
A dryer vent exhaust Is utilized to exhaust heat, moisture build-up or condensation and lint from your dryer.

A Few Of The Signs Or Symptoms of a clogged dryer vent duct:
Signs that your dryer vent requires cleaning is easy. Your dryer takes longer than normal to dry a load of clothes, Unusually high humidity within the laundry room, and your dryer might be hot when you touch it. Additionally, in extreme instances the dryers therma fuse will burn up causing a pricey equipment repair.

How frequently is it recommended to have your dryer vent professionally cleaned?
Most experienced dryer vent cleaning services in Sacramento and around The country will agree that once-a-year dryer vent cleaning is the standard.

What is the importance of having my dryer vent professionally cleaned?
The importance of having a dryer vent professionally cleaned is that your dryer will function at optimal performance and will use less energy than if the dryer vent duct is dirty. Additionally, the elimination of lint and debris will assist in preventing dryer fires along with water damage due to an excess of heat or condensation which can’t be exhausted due to the blockages inside the dryer vent.

What is Pro Teams dryer vent cleaning procedure?
A Pro Team cleaning technician will do a preliminary assessment to establish how much air flow is exiting the dryer vent. After the air flow rate is determined our technician will proceed with cleaning the dryer vent thoroughly using the most advanced vent cleaning equipment available. Once the dryer vent has been thoroughly cleaned of all lint and debris, a final evaluation is made to ensure you have proper airflow through the vent. Your dryer exhaust ducting is also checked for tears and holes. Lastly the dryer is tested to ensure it is heating correctly and reconnected to the exhaust duct.

Watch this Today show video to learn more about dryer vent fires.


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