Water damage can be an all to common danger to homes as well as the families that live in them. What begins as a minor leak within a water line can rapidly result in a great deal of water damage in your home, destroying carpet, flooring, drywall, furnishings and various home items.

Regardless of where the water is originating from, you need assistance immediately. That help is only a phone call away. At Pro Team, our licensed and highly trained professionals have helped repair numerous water damaged residences and commercial properties throughout the Sacramento area

Even though you don’t anticipate potential danger, you still should speak to the professionals at Pro Team to start the restoration process. The more time the water sits, the greater possibility there is for further issues to occur, including health risks such as mildew and mold.

In cases where mold is already a problem, Pro Team can offer mold removal and remediation to get your property back to a clean and safe condition. We utilize a scientific method and specialized equipment to dry out flooring and walls. Our technique will decrease the requirement for demolition and reconstruction of your home or business.

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