your investment! Hardwood floors get dirty and dull after some time the same as carpet does . Many people appreciate the importance of having your carpet professionally cleaned on a frequent basis but the same applies to your hardwood floor surfaces .

 Pro Team of Sacramento has a unique wood floor cleaning technique to enrich the appearance of your hardwood surfaces and maximize the lifetime of your floors finish . Our method involves a dust free technology which is safe and effective on all wood floors . Our method does not consist of the conventional sanding , this really is advantageous because there is not any mess and the job can be complete in only a few hours.

 Our service consists of the following options :

1 . Intensive cleaning – This is ideal for a basic cleaning for properly maintained floors that still present a good finish . This procedure will intensely scrub the flooring and eliminate the buildup of dirt and contaminants .

2 . Clean & Refinish – This is when it’s time for you to regain that great uniform sheen . This is a blend of a thorough cleaning in addition to an application of a gloss or satin hardwood floor refinish.

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